Being involved with nature

Immerse yourself in nature and breathe pure air, away from noise, crowded places and smartphones. Our group agrees on this level: in nature you’ll find a way to change off and rearrange your thoughts in the absolute best way. Whether it’s sunbathing or having fun with the ambiance of mystery produced by the fog and gloomy weather. Every plant, each flower, each drop of water and every factor of nature contributes to this feeling.

Users also mentioned the forest tub, the so-called Shinrin Yoku. It does not consist in actually taking a shower in the forest pond, however in immersing oneself in the natural world of the forest to find a way to consciously perceive it. What has only emerged in recent years or has solely been carried out unconsciously in Japan has long been a recognized therapy for slowing down and replenishing power reserves.

Good food

Healthy and balanced food regimen and many water: for our group, that is a part of a balanced way of life. Food has a substantial affect on our psyche. „You are what you eat”: this assertion of the thinker Ludwig Feuerbach incorporates a kernel of fact. According to latest research, diet impacts not only physical but in addition mental well being. However, it is still difficult to clearly assign certain benefits to sure foods. In basic, nonetheless, it may be said that if on the one hand a scarcity of vitamin B12 can result in tiredness, memory impairment and melancholy, on the opposite hand a Mediterranean diet based mostly on a lot of fruit and greens, legumes, complete grains, average consumption fish and somewhat meat and dairy provides some safety against anxiousness issues and despair.

Does chocolate make you happy?

Good foodThis city legend also contains a kernel of fact. There are substances in chocolate that are much like the intoxicating substances in cannabis and therefore also have a certain immediate stimulating impact on the brain. So: somewhat piece once in a while is allowed! Gluttony sins don’t exist and a guilty conscience has a negative affect on our thoughts. The important thing is to take the „much less wholesome foods” in a measured way, savoring them with consciousness and a spotlight. In this fashion they’ll tackle a very totally different taste, even better.

But not solely the „nutritious diet”, understood because the elements contained in food, affects our psyche. The constructive effect of food already begins with sensory perception: for instance, the scent alone triggers sure sensations, unleashing an unimaginable „desire”, causing extreme pleasure or, conversely, disgust.

Just chill out: relaxation and quiet

There is strength in stillness: individuals in our mental health survey are of the same opinion. „Practice sports activities frequently, relax simply as frequently”, that is the trick. In addition to physical coaching, rest and regeneration are also to be taken under consideration. Our group regenerates with respiratory and leisure workout routines, meditation, autogenic coaching, progressive muscle relaxation or simply lazing around. The trick is to take a deep breath and consciously plan your windows of time to loosen up and unwind in everyday life. Experiment, find what works greatest for you in the long term.