Call for Papers for the Special Issue of Safety Science on “Resilient Health Care”

Resilient Health Care (RHC) offers a comprehensive vision for the safety and quality of care, which focuses on the abilities that enable healthcare organisations to deliver safe care under varying conditions, in dynamic and changing environments. The field has developed quickly over the past decade, and is now increasingly being considered by healthcare organisations and policy makers as a key strategic platform to meet the challenges of modern health systems.

The aim of this special issue is to inform clinical practice, health policy, management and future research by presenting the latest empirical and theoretical developments around the implementation, evaluation, education and conceptual foundation of Resilient Health Care.

We welcome in particular original contributions that (a) provide empirical evidence about the implementation, sustainability and spread of RHC practices, (b) synthesise existing knowledge or provide empirical evaluation about the impact of RHC strategies, (c) discuss or assess educational approaches to promote RHC concepts; or (d) analyse models and methods for supporting RHC.

More information:

Call for Papers for the Special Issue of Safety Science on Resilient Health Care (PDF)

Mikkel Ussing

Communications and web consultant at the Centre for Quality and webmaster at Part of the FRAM education team at Centre for Quality.
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