Masterclass in Sydney

More than 60 national and international participants attended the “Delivering Resilient HealthCare: The 2018 Masterclass” in Sydney on 7 December 2018. View resources from the Masterclass.  Faculty members were: Professor Erik Hollnagel A lead editor of the Resilient Health Care series of books and author of more than 500 publications including articles from recognised journals, conference papers,and reports, as well as twenty-four books. Professor Hollnagel has been President of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (1994 – 2000) as well as co-founder and past President of the Resilience Engineering Association. Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite A lead editor of the Resilient Health Care series of books and an internationally recognised expert in health services and systems research,with over 500 publications. Professor Braithwaite's expertise is…

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