Denmark 2016


“Health is more than the absence of disease”

“Safety is more than the absence of risk”

Fifth RHCN meeting, Hindsgavl Castle

August 15-17 2016

"Creating a movement"

RHCN Meeting August 15-17

As usual, the format of the meeting was long discussions punctuated by short presentations - continuing the practice from the previous meetings and hopefully establishing a pattern to be continued.


Sunday August 14

The purpose of the workshop was to coordinate and support the development and application of the Resilience Assessment Grid (RAG) in healthcare. The following short presentations were made:

Monday August 15

Workshop: Towards a movement

Tuesday August 16

Wednesday August 17


Programme Committee

  • Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite (Australia)
  • Dr. Göran Henriks (Sweden)
  • Professor Erik Hollnagel (Denmark)
  • Dr. Rob Robson (Canada)
  • Professor Robert Wears (USA)



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