Denmark 2013


“Health is more than the absence of disease”

“Safety is more than the absence of risk”

Second RHCN meeting, Hindsgavl Castle 2013

A second meeting of the RHCN took place on August 26-28 in the small town of Middelfart, Denmark. The meeting place was the Hindsgavl Castle.

The format of the meeting was long discussions punctuated by short presentations - hopefully establishing a pattern to be continued.

  • The programme can be found here.
  • A list of participants can be found here.
  • Group photo and other pictures

Workshop materials (the materials have graciously been made available by the presenters, who no doubt will appreciate comments and feedback).

Sunday August 25

  • Rob Robson / Tutorial: Mirror, mirror on the wall …. Which is most complex of them all?

Monday August 26

Tuesday August 27

Wednesday August 28

  • Sheps, S., Cardiff, K., Pelletier, E. & Robson, R. Revealing Resilience through Critical Incident Narratives: A Way to Move from Safety I to Safety II.
  • Chuang, S., Lee, Y.-J. & Jung, F. Combination of Safety-I and Safety-II management to strengthen bundle care - A case study of blood stream infection in an ICU.
  • Ross, A. J., Anderson, J. E. & Jaye, P. Aligning resilience engineering with the right type of cognitive science.


The Resilient Health Care Net (RHCN) is a non-commercial collaboration of an international group of researchers and practitioners with the aim to apply Resilience Engineering principles in health care. The RHCN has no connection whatsoever with Resilient Healthcare LLC, despite the similarity of the names.


The RHCN is sponsored by the Center for Quality in the Region of Southern Denmark.

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