“Health is more than the absence of disease”

“Safety is more than the absence of risk”


The RHCN will, from time to time and whenever there is sufficient interest, organise meetings and/or support participants in organising meetings.

The RHCN has no funding of its own, but can offer moral support, experience, and lots of contacts to enthusiastic network participants.

The RHCN has so far organised 5 meetings, in 2012, 2013 and in 2014 the meetings took place at the Hindsgavl Castle in Denmark. In 2015 the meeting was held in Sydney, Australia, where professor Jeffrey Braihtwaite offered to be the local organiser. The 2016 meeting was again held at the Hindsgavl Castle.


At the moment, the intention is to organise annual meetings alternating between the Hindsgavl Castle in Denmark and an international venue.


The meetings are organised on a volunteer basis. The guiding principle is that they should be interesting and allow for extensive discussions. (Long discussions interrupted by short presentations, rather than the other way around.)

The meetings should also be affordable, so there should be no registration fee. Instead the participants share the cost of renting the venue.


On the left you can find details of upcoming events and the meetings held so far.


The Resilient Health Care Net (RHCN) is a non-commercial collaboration of an international group of researchers and practitioners with the aim to apply Resilience Engineering principles in health care. The RHCN has no connection whatsoever with Resilient Healthcare LLC, despite the similarity of the names.


The RHCN is sponsored by the Center for Quality in the Region of Southern Denmark.

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