Members and Governance


“Health is more than the absence of disease”

“Safety is more than the absence of risk”

Members and Governance


Participation in the Resilient Health Care Net is open to anyone who either actively works with or has an interest in applying the concepts and methods or Resilience Engineering to health care.

If you want to join the RHCN, you simplyt log on to LinkedIn, and look for the Resilient Health Care Net (RHCN) group or use this link. You can then enter a request to join. Alternatively, send a mail to .

There are no fees, no membership cards, and very little administration. The RHCN depends 100% on the initiative and support of the participants. If you want to contribute, please do join. If you just are curious, check this space from time to time.



When the RHCN started in 2011, a number of experienced people accepted to join a Core Group, in order to help the RHCN to get off the ground. These people were:

  • Professor , Foundation Director, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Australia
  • Dr. , Chief Executive of Learning and Innovation, Jönköping County Council, Sweden.
  • Professor , Chief Consultant, Center for Quality Improvement, Region of Southern Denmark & Professor, University of Southern Denmark.
  • Professor , University of Liege, Liege, Belgium.
  • Dr. , Principal Advisor, Healthcare System Safety and Accountability, Canada.
  • Dr. , University of Florida, USA & Imperial College London, UK.

The members of the Core Group encourage your active participation and contribution, and will always be pleased to hear from you on any matter related to the RHCN.


The Resilient Health Care Net (RHCN) is a non-commercial collaboration of an international group of researchers and practitioners with the aim to apply Resilience Engineering principles in health care. The RHCN has no connection whatsoever with Resilient Healthcare LLC, despite the similarity of the names.


The RHCN is sponsored by the Center for Quality in the Region of Southern Denmark.

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